Community Associations and Drones

As technology constantly evolves, previously unheard-of gadgets are now becoming household toys. Not only are individuals beginning to regularly use drones recreationally, but companies also fly them. While the Florida Legislature has adopted regulations regarding drone use, your community may want to consider adopting its own rules and regulations in order to protect the community and its residents from the concerns and issues noted below. The Board should be proactive in that regard, rather than wait until there is already an issue.

Community concerns:

When considering rules to be adopted to govern drones, you should consider the effects that drones will have on the residents of your community.

  • Safety: Often operated by inexperienced “pilots”, there is a safety risk when it comes to the use of drones. Though many are small, they can still injure people or property if they crash or malfunction.
  • Noise: Many drones produce a loud buzzing sound during operation. While bustle around a neighborhood is typical, consistent drone noises can be disruptive.
  • Privacy: With cameras often attached, it is often easy for drone operators to violate the privacy of others if they are so inclined. Preserving the privacy of the residents should be one of the board’s top priorities.

What your community can do to address concerns:

As noted above, we suggest boards consider adopting their own rules and regulations concerning the use of drones in an effort to address the above-cited concerns. At a minimum, your association’s rules and regulations should require residents operating drones to comply with federal and state regulations. Our office has prepared rules and regulations governing the use of drones for a number of clients, and we would be more than happy to assist your community in that regard upon request.