Corporate Governance

Since our practice is limited to the representation of community associations, we are uniquely qualified to serve as your community's general counsel.
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    Providing exceptional legal guidance to community associations

    Given the limited scope of our practice, we like to think that we have seen it all when it comes to guiding community associations. Let us show you why experience matters when it comes to selecting general counsel.
    Document Amendments / Policies and Procedures

    Rabin Parker Gurley, P.A. can assist your community with its next document amendment project. We also frequently provide legal counsel on matters such as adopting enforcement policies and procedures, to include support animal and fining resolutions.

    Legislation and Compliance

    We also regularly provide legal counsel on legislative changes, statutory compliance issues, covenant renewal under the Marketable Records Title Act, covenant revitalization, document interpretation, and FHA compliance.

    Corporate Governance Law Firm

    Corporate Counsel

    Our firm regularly provides practical legal counseling on the following legal matters:
    Board Certification Requirements
    Contract Drafting and Review
    Developer Turnover Issues
    Document Amendments and Interpretation
    Zoning, Title and Easement Issues
    Fair Housing Guidelines

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