RPG Law – Recent Case Results:

The following is a list of representative cases recently resolved by RPG’s Litigation Team:

1) RPG’s condominium association client prevailed at trial against a unit-owner who refused to replace her exterior windows, which were the source of water intrusion. The unit-owner retained legal counsel and hired multiple expert witnesses, but the Judge ultimately found the Association’s experts to be more credible than their counterparts. The Judge directed the unit-owner to replace her windows and the firm’s client secured full reimbursement for it’s legal fees and litigation costs.

2) RPG filed suit against a unit-owner on behalf of the firm’s condominium client due to the unit-owner’s ongoing leasing violations (short-term / Airbnb leasing & leasing within the first two years of ownership in violation of the governing documents). The unit-owner retained legal counsel and disputed the allegations throughout the course of the litigation, but RPG’s client ultimately prevailed on summary judgment. The unit-owner was ordered to cease all short-term leasing and was likewise ordered to pay the Association’s legal fees and costs.

3) Following a bench trial, RPG’s condominium client secured an injunction against an owner prohibiting the owner from using the common elements on account of his long-standing, egregious conduct. RPG’s client also recovered its legal fees and costs from the unit-owner in full.

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