RPG Law’s New Streamlined Assessment Recovery Solution – A “No Fee” Collection/Foreclosure Policy:

We are pleased to announce our new Streamlined Assessment Recovery Solution / Risk-Free (ZERO FEE) Collection/Foreclosure Policy.

RPG Law recognizes the Board’s fiscal responsibility to the Association as a corporate entity, as well as the importance of maintaining community relationships. To that end, our office is committed to handling collection matters with professionalism, respect, and sensitivity. By bearing the initial legal fees and costs which would otherwise be incurred by the Association, we ensure a financially risk-free experience for our client while providing a reliable and effective way to manage your collection accounts.

Please feel free to contact our office (collections@rpglaw.com) to request a copy of our Streamlined Assessment Recovery Agreement. If we currently handle your community’s collection/foreclosure accounts, we look forward to assisting you under the terms of this new agreement. If your community is seeking new collection/foreclosure counsel, please contact our office via the email listed address above or call 727.475.5535.

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